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Birmingham Open 2016 Fall - Team Performance
Published on 5 November 2016 at 6:52 PM, US/Central
School Name1st2nd3rdTotal
10th Planet - Decatur24424
American Top Team22016
Anthony Mitchell Jiu Jitsu Studio31119
Blind Fury BJJ331938
Calera Fitness and MMA1026
Checkmat USA - Gulf Breeze50025
Cobra BJJ/Checkmat USA871069
Garage Kickboxing0011
Gracie Barra Alabama273024239
Gracie Barra Charlotte0103
Gracie Barra Clarksville0010
Gracie Barra Columbus0114
Gracie Barra Franklin1108
Gracie Barra Georgia54137
Gracie Barra West Cobb136988
Gracie United12513
Heros Martial Arts Academy0022
I'mmortal. Martial Arts Academy21114
Jiu Jitsu Columbus0011
Kenny Kim Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu0011
Maverick Training Center/ Atos20111
Montgomery Martial Arts30316
No Limit Jiu Jitsu - Starkville22117
No Limit Jiu Jitsu - Vicksburg41425
PTC Combat Fitness - Roberto Traven41123
Robson Moura0114
Ross Martial Arts17930
Soul Fighters Mississippi14129110
Southern Karate Academy1027
Spartan Fitness / SBG510658
Team Alabama Girls1005
Team Shawn Hammonds152426159
The Hot Box1005
Triad Martial Arts33024
Vector / AFC03412
Wolfpack BJJ0010
X3 Sports31018
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